Gateway Diversity

Gateway Diversity™

GatewayDiversity™ is an innovative cloud based platform that is designed to connect diverse suppliers with corporations seeking to retain them.
There are numerous high-profile diversity initiatives and programs that express a clear need and determination to increase diversity; however how these companies are able to make an authentic connection with this group of diverse suppliers is unclear.
GatewayDiversity™ enable its users to access a peer-reviewed network database of suppliers. The ability to successfully connect with an increasingly diverse world gives businesses a distinctly competitive edge.
Users of Gateway’s proprietary technology will be able to quickly identify peer-vetted suppliers in a host of disciplines; make referrals; submit RFPs; and leverage the power of diverse talent resources. This interactive platform allows the buyer to connect with a growing group of diverse suppliers, which will help expand their reach beyond traditional formats.


  • Connect: (Membership)

Are diversity meetings, conference and expensive “speed dating” formats efficient forms to and identify vet or compare suppliers?

By becoming a member of GatewayDiveristy you gain exclusive access to an all-inclusive online B2B platform which connects diverse peer rated suppliers with corporations. Our network is designed for minority-owned businesses of color, women, disabled and attorneys who self-identify as Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Trandgendered (LGBT) or companies that have been externally certified as diverse. However, membership is open to ALL suppliers.

  • Expand: (Virtual Networking)

Are you able to expand your reach to quality suppliers by attending diversity conferences and dinners once or twice a year?

Unprecedented access to a virtual platform that allows institutional users of its proprietary technology to quickly identify peer vetted suppliers in a host of categories, make referrals and submit Requests for Proposals.

  • Grow: (Power of Diversity)

Have the traditional forms of diversity networking allowed you to grow your diversity pool, track your diversity engagement and reach your diversity goals?

The fastest growing business markets domestically and around the world leverage talents, contacts, energy and perspective of people of all generations, orientations, ethnicities and cultures.

GatewayConnect™ Diversity

Gateway Connect is a series of specialty focused one-day seminar and networking events to connect suppliers to the corporations looking to engage them. The events will be limited to 75 participants and will be held throughout the United States. By keeping the numbers small and specialty focused, Gateway Connect will allow attendees intimate interactions thus facilitating more meaningful connections. The traditional method of “shoot in the dark” speed dating and large ballrooms lined with a sea of tables can be daunting. While multi-day conferences and large dinners are time consuming, costly and don’t allow for authentic engagement. Gateway Connect is one day coupled with Informative sessions followed by an intimate networking opportunity.
Explore the system and connect with members, expand your reach and grow the possibilities!



  • Gateway Report & Score

  • GatewayReport™ gives detailed information of the members score, including peer review scores, comments, verified corporate connections and performance reviews.
    GatewayScore is a cumulative point review system. The more you engage in the system the more points you accumulate.

  • Gateway Score™ Point System

  • Top legal corporate departments have reported that performance reviews are tied directly to their company’s commitment to diversity. However, very few corporate legal departments formally track their diversity progress. Our system allows you to track your progress with an automated dashboard presentation that provides critical and consumable data. Our point system consists of significant engagements, RFP Postings, RFP Rewarding, Peer-to-Peer Review and much more. Points = Badges. Badges = Perks & Rewards.

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Become a part of a groundbreaking network that values the power of diversity.

Connect. Expand. Grow.