Expand your reach to engage qualified minority attorneys by participating in a network of legal experts from around the globe. Traditional referral methods can become stagnant and foster habitual referral practices. You engage who you know. Does that strategy encourage innovation, foster creativity and reflect our global community? As a member of the network you can expand your pool of quality minority lawyers and have unprecedented access to potentially the largest minority attorney network available.

Are you able to expand your reach to qualified outside counsel candidates by attending diversity conference and dinners once or twice a year?

Unprecedented access to a virtual platform that allows institutional users of it proprietary technology to quickly identify peer vetted legal experts in a host of disciplines, make referrals and submit Requests for Proposals.

Request for Proposal (RFP) DASHBOARD

Need new referrals on a matter?  The GatewayRequest system allows Corporations to submit unlimited Request for Proposals (RFPs) to the network.

Electronic submission will allow a uniform and user-friendly system which provides a seamless review of submissions from all members.

Our algorithms match corporate requests with members who may meet your needs and generate a list of peer reviewed members along with their GatewayScore, and upon request provide access to their GatewayReport.

  •  Gateway Report & Score

GATEWAY REPORT • GatewayReport gives detailed information on the members’ score, including peer review scores, comments, verified corporate connections and performance reviews.

GATEWAY SCORE • GatewayScore is a cumulative point review system. The more you engage with the system, the more points you accumulate.

    Connect. Expand. Grow.