Gateway Software Development

Gateway Software Development develops diversity focused search engines which facilitate business to business transactions across multiple platforms while providing a seamless and measurable method to track and maintain diversity goals.

There is no single solution for identifying diverse businesses by corporations. Similarly, conferences, symposia and other meetings can be expensive “speed dating” formats that do not always offer manageable, efficient ways to identity vet or compare companies you wish to do business with. Our target partners are global businesses who recognize diverse talent as enablers of business and success. Gateway’s peer vetted virtual platforms allow institutional users of its proprietary technology to participate in an innovative culture that values the power of diversity in a global world.

Gateway Software was developed as an innovative answer to corporations seeking to diversify their partnerships. Our diversity focused search engines and live events provide a cost effective and efficient platform to seek and retain diverse suppliers.

We welcome you and your business to participate in an innovative culture that values the power of diversity in a global world.

The Gateway Software family includes:

  • GatewayConnect™ – One-day specialty focused seminars and diversity networking events
  • GatewayLegal™ – Corporations to Diversity Lawyer Platform
  • GatewayDiversity™ – Business to Minority, Women, LGBT owned Business Platform
  • GatewayWomen™ – Corporations to Women Diversity Platform
  • GatewayPartnership™ – Corporations to Nonprofit Platform
  • GatewayGreen™ – Corporations to green companies

Meet Gateway Software Development Team

GatewayLegal seeks to utilize a groundbreaking interactive technology platform
that will allow the nation’s leading corporations the power to participate in an innovative culture
that values the power of diversity in a global world.


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Patrice Lewis


Founding Member of Gateway Legal, Patrice's extensive knowledge of the need for corporations to retain diverse suppliers created Gateway Software Development.
Spelman College, BA in Psychology and Vanderbilt University, Master of Education

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Michael Hall


Founding Member of Gateway Legal, Michael's expertise in strategic business blueprinting, mind mapping led to the development of Gateway Software Development.
The Florida State University, BFA, Focus in Graphic Design. Entrepreneur since the age of 9.

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Dante Fillyau


Founding Member of Gateway Legal, Dante's approach to design and web project both spatially and visually, gave life to Gateway Software Development.
Florida A&M University, BS, Mechanical Engineering, Savannah College of Art & Design, MA, Graphic Design.

  • Patrice & Dante are both amazing chefs. One has a really expensive oven. Guess who!

  • Gateway Legal came to us in a dream, literally. Which evolved to Gateway Software Development.

  • None of us operate on the same schedule, we have a morning, midday and nightowl.

  • What happens when an event planner, fine artist and mechanical engineer get together? Innovation, creativity and a company with passion!