What is Gateway Software Development?

Gateway Software is an innovative answer to corporations seeking to diversify their partnerships. We welcome you to


Connect. Expand. Grow.


Gain exclusive access to an all-inclusive online Business to Business platform. We CONNECT corporations to minority, women, disabled and self- identified LGBT businesses that are externally certified as diverse. Our network is designed to deliver a user-friendly search feature with access to real-time peer reviews.


We build software to EXPAND diversity. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) facilitates business to business transactions while providing a seamless and measurable method to track and maintain diversity goals. Gateway Score™ is a proprietary peer review system. Gateway RFP™ is an interactive Requests for Proposals.


The fastest GROWing business markets leverage talents, contacts, energy and perspective of people of all generations, orientations, ethnicities and cultures. We create software and events to grow diversity. GatewayConnect™ is a series of focused one-day seminar and networking events.

#Gateway Facts

  • 46.4%

Most of the largest law departments do not have written diversity policies – just 46.4% report having one.

  • $870,310

The largest corporate legal departments employ roughly 125 different law firms and spend an average of $870,310 per legal service provider. However, 24% of their total spending goes to the law department’s top law firm.

  • #GatewayFacts

Diversity encourages a creative and productive work environment.

  • Inclusion Initiative

In 2010, leading companies pledged to spend $30 million with minority and women owned firms. The goal was exceeded with total spending of $42.6 million. The total commitment and spending continued to increase steadily with a goal of $159.5 million in 2013.

  • #GatewayFacts

Diversity gives a distinctive competitive edge when competing in a global economy.

  • Diversity

Many large legal departments are not engaged in organized diversity and inclusion programs.

Featured Product: GatewayLegal™

There is no single solution for identifying diverse legal professionals by corporations.
GatewayLegal will provide a seamless and measurable method to track and maintain diversity goals.
The innovative and interactive platform allows you to connect with a growing pool of diverse legal talent, expand your reach beyond traditional formats
and grow your diversity pool and reach your goals.


Premier Membership Opportunities

Featured as a Premier Member on the GatewayLegal™ Website
Full Firm/Corporate Membership with unlimited access for up to 35 users
Up to Ten (10) complimentary registrations to a GatewayLegal™ Seminar or Event for one year
Featured event sponsorship opportunity at a GatewayLegal™ Seminar or Event
Marketing Item placement in event bags at a GatewayLegal™ Seminar or Event
Company and/or firm icon and hyperlink on the GatewayLegal™ website through the end of December 2016
*All options vary based on membership level.

What People Are Saying!

What are corporations and suppliers saying about Gateway Software Development?

  • Today’s diversity dialogue, as it was in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s day, is about the forgotten, the silenced and the institutionally marginalized, and all that we collectively stand to lose by not bringing their talent, energy, perspective and passion to the marketplace.

  • Progress is the product of Gateway Legal. The intellectual capital is plentiful, but having a platform that offers direct access to major corporations is excelling beyond the typical conference environments. Applauds efforts of Gateway Legal.